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remember that i'm drunk right now. not while i'm writing this, but every time you read it.





Atmosphere ft. Dynospectrum | Snuggle 

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They Lied…


It ain’t how you die, it’s how you breathe
It ain’t what you take, it’s what you leave and conceive
What you got is nothing if your soul don’t represent it
Present it, it ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you been, kid

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but before you leave, Molly, let me kiss that tattoo on your ankle

she giggles ‘cause I sleep with a body pillow




there was a time I would follow it into a storm
and all I wanted was for someone to keep me warm
but now I’m torn by my tolerance
I fight with my head
I don’t need to pollenate a flower that’s dead

and everyone I’ve built up, I watched wilt
and everyone that has built me is killin’ me
and as much as I love her
neither one of us should suffer
so I’ma glue both the wings back on and watch her flutter

go fly butterfly
don’t cry shut your eyes
gonna watch each other die
before we give it another try

hover little hummingbird
dart through the sky
I’ve been under the thumb
It’s no wonder I’m still shy

hunger, onward, with my desires
learned the hard way not to play with fire
from a comfortable distance, I’ll admire
because I gotta take a break
I’m exhausted, I’m tired

My favorite atmosphere song

^ same

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Aesop Rock, Slug and Eyedea collaberating on a track called Missed By a Mile. The fathers of Rhymesayer’s. This shit right here is an important part of history.

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Sad clown


Sad clown