it's all progress

remember that i'm drunk right now. not while i'm writing this, but every time you read it.


Hush little lady don’t say a word
Or the rest of the village gonna know you’re disturb
And if you let ‘em know that you’re vulnerable
Then there ain’t no stopping how far they open you slow
Slug (Atmosphere)

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things I ain’t with


• that fufu lame shit

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"This is a one take, all vinyl hip hop mix. This is not a studio creation, this is me, two turntables, and a crate of records. My roots are in spinning hip hop on vinyl, scratching, battling, etc…. Very excited to share this everyone."


capathy - qwel and maker

honestly didn’t know Maker still did anything after Glue other than samples and shit. this is sick.

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The problem with me

is codependency,

so afraid of the day that you won’t remember me;

knee-deep in anxiousness,

needy like an infant.

Escapism beats rhymes, alcohol and women.

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